Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bill Rugg

Bill was a man I spent a few years taking care of. He had Parkinson disease.

Bill was a man of little words but shared so much love.
His eyes so sincere they loved all, definitely a gift from above.
For a man with little words, your smile said enough,
Your smile would brighten up any room, what a treat it was.
He showed love in his huge hugs. Your hugs the greatest gift of all.
The love you shared will never be forgotten. The times we shared will always be in my heart.

For a man of little words, you sure said enough
For a man with this terrible disease, you spirits ran high
For the life you had what a great story.
From a beautiful wife to a great family
From a man in the navy, to a man of god.
Wow what a wonderful life you had.

I thank you for the time we shared.
From our many trips to Cleveland, outings, and the fun times under the pavilion.
The times we shared will always be in my heart.
I thank you for letting me be apart.

We were greatly blessed, to have know a man like you
For the plans god has for you, are beautiful and true
I know your watching from above.
Walking, talking and sharing your love.
Although you’ll be greatly missed
It’s farewell for now, but not for eternity.

This poem I wrote for a great man i took care of , just thought i would post and share

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